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Carrot Dobbles

Carrots, high in Vitamin A, are an excellent addition to your dog’s healthy diet and oral hygiene…

Oatmeal Dobbles

Our blend of Oatmeal Spice will help maintain your dog’s healthy weight  and lower cholesterol levels…

Pumpkin Dobbles

Dogs love the great taste of Pumpkin, which aids in settling the digestive system…

Gluten Free, All Natural, Fresh Baked Dobbles™

Dobbles IngredientsYour dog is your best friend – a part of your family – and you want what’s best for him to live a happy and healthy life. That’s why we created Dobbles™ healthy dog treats by FourPups™ – the gluten free, all natural, whole-oat cookie made exclusively for dogs. Each heart-shaped, hand-made treat is baked fresh with every order using all natural ingredients that are beneficial to your dog’s overall health and well-being.

Dobbles™ healthy dog treats come in 3 wholesome flavors that your dog is sure to love: Oatmeal Spice, Carrot and Pumpkin. Dobbles™ are corn-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free and wheat-free with no added preservatives, sugars or salt. We double bake our healthy dog treats to ensure freshness and quality at the time of order.

Dobbles shapesDobbles™ healthy dog treats are neatly packaged in 1/2 lb. (approximately 20 cookies) and 1 lb. (approximately 40 cookies) white tin-tie bags and sealed for freshness. Most importantly, each heart-shaped wholesome, healthy treat is filled with tons of love – and we hope your dogs enjoy our cookies as much as we enjoy baking them!

Treat your best friend to the wholesome, healthful snack that they’re sure to love. Visit our shop to place your Dobbles™ healthy dog treat order today!

Dobbles™ Happy Tails...

Joanne P. Bella, Busta and Daisy

Thank you for making yummy treats for our fur babies! I'm glad we found something they love that is actually healthy and not made with fillers or other junk. They love all of your flavors. Keep them coming!

Shawn B. Coco loves Dobbles™ by FourPups

Our dog Coco loves Dobbles™, and we love Dobbles™ because they are all natural – so we don't mind giving him more than one! You know these treats are natural because when you read the ingredients, you can actually pronounce them... unlike most treats which have words that might not even be in the English language.

Cindi T.

I have a 3 year old Samoyed with dietary restrictions due to a sensitive stomach. I bought these cookies for my dog for Christmas. Not only did she love them, but due to the healthy ingredients, she's had no problem with her stomach. I just recently purchased a bag of all 3 varieties for her as a treat. You are doing a fantastic job making these and such a great product for dog owners! No need to worry about what I'm feeding my puppy now. Thank you for creating these! Skye says WOOF WOOF – they're delicious!

Bernadette D. Trixie and Jett by the pool

Dobbles™ by FourPups™ are both of my dogs' favorite treats. They love all of the flavors, and they cannot seem to get enough of them! Thank-you for creating such a healthy, tasty and cost-effective treat alternative.

Chip C. Chip C dog

I have 2 dogs (a puggle and a pit/beagle mix) and they love these treats. The bonus is feeling good knowing you're providing your furry family with a healthy choice! The people at Dobbles™ are excellent!!

Sean H. Dobby II

Dobby loves these! The best part is that they are all natural and healthy for your dog. I have yet to see a dog that doesn't love them. Check out the site for great deals–its well worth it!

Peter B. Snicks

These are great treats for your dog. My dog loves them! Ordering is easy and the delivery very is fast. Great Product!

Tim G. Charlie dog

Charlie loves these cookies, and they have become one of his favorites! It's nice to know exactly what’s he's eating and where it came from.

Farnaz S.

Both Kayla & Gabi LOVE these treats. It's one of the few treats that I can get especially Kayla to take. I feel good knowing that it is good for them & made with love. Thanks again.

Elaine E.

My dogs absolutely love Dobbles! They can't contain their excitement when they know it's treat time! We love that they're healthy for our pups. Thank you so much

Heather D. Bogie

Bogie, our coonhound, goes absolutely crazy for these! I normally feed him other high quality treats but he prefers these every time! I am extremely finicky about what I feed him since he is one of the loves of my life. When I saw the ingredients for these yummy smelling cookies, I didn't hesitate to give them to him. Although, I didn't really have a choice once he smelled them! My husband has even been tempted to eat them! Great stuff and I wish you luck! Doggie lovers should definitely try these out for their pooches!

Sue G. Minnie & Digby

I learned about Dobbles™ heart cookies from two of the rescues I follow after adopting our two rescue pups 18 months ago. Minnie and Digby are both a little fussy about crunchy treats and usually prefer moist ones, but both gobbled up their Dobbles™. They are hand-made in small batches and healthy so I don't mind indulging the dogs when they are itching for a treat after being good all day. I tried the combo pack first, thinking they would prefer one flavor over another, but they loved them all. Thanks, Ginny, for putting so much thought, care, and love into your recipe. I will be ordering Dobbles™ again very soon!

Featured Adoptables with Good Karma Dog Rescue

Good Karma Dog Rescue, located in River Vale, New Jersey, is a community of animal lovers that provide a foster-based rescue program for abandoned, abused and unwanted dogs. Dobbles™ by FourPups is a strong advocate for their cause and are happy to feature their current adobtables…


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