Our History...

Ginny Bigley and friends of Dobbles™ Healthy Dog Treats by FourPups™

Hello! My name is Ginny Bigley – founder of Dobbles™ Healthy Dog Treats and FourPups™ Pet Sitting Services.

As the owner of a successful horse boarding business – MayBelle Stables in Princeton, NJ – I wanted to carry forward the quality and loving care of horses to ALL pets. Being in the horse hospitality business and raising many dogs and cats, I understand how hard it is to get trustworthy, reliable help to care for pets both boarded and at home. Through my experiences, I have found that keeping pets home and in their routine kept them healthier and happier, and it was more cost effective in the long run.

This is why I created Four Pups Pet Sitting Services – to bring my love and care of pets to you and your furry babies –in your own home.

Dobbles IngredientsDobbles™ healthy dog treats are a gluten-free, whole oat cookie that I carefully crafted for my dogs using all-natural ingredients that are beneficial for a dog’s overall health and well-being. Dobbles™ healthy dog treats were born after years of experimenting in the development of healthier food alternatives for my whole family.

For over 35 years, I have never had a day without a dog in my life. Each pup that found me came with its own set of challenges, and I spent years exploring different dog foods and homemade dishes to alleviate these issues. It became extremely expensive, time-consuming, and an exercise in futility.

When my daughters were both diagnosed with Celiac Disease, my kitchen pantry went through an immediate overhaul. Adjusting recipes became a necessity as my household needed to accept and appreciate the new normal of a gluten-free diet. As my girls regained their health, I took special notice as to how much the whole family had been benefiting since the adoption of more wholesome, less processed foods. I found it intriguing that certain allergy symptoms, joint pain, and stomach issues seemed to be alleviated since the implementation of these healthier choices into our diet.

Spirit of Dobbles™ healthy dog treats by FourPups™At the time, we had a Cock-a-poo with chronic ear infections, an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie with seasonal hot spots. I decided to attempt a limited ingredient, gluten-free diet for them, and each day brought improvement from their respective ailments. I was also relieved that my girls could feed the dogs without the fear of gluten contamination. Needless to say, this development was a godsend to our household, and Dobbles™ healthy dog treats were created shortly thereafter as a result.

Scarlet_2016Today, my dogs – as well as the dogs of family, friends and clients – thoroughly enjoy Dobbles™ healthy dog treats. Each heart-shaped cookie is baked fresh with every order and filled with tons of love. Dobbles™ healthy dog treats are currently offered in three tasty flavors – Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, and Ginger Carrot – and we plan to add more flavors in the near future. We now offer a variety pack so your dog can sample each of our delicious flavors.

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Our Inspiration...

Dobby_2016 Dobby, my grandpup, is a French Bull Dog/Beagle Mix who was adopted by my daughter. She is brown in color brindled with orange. Dobby is a lively pup that brings joy to every person she meets. My nickname for her has always been “Dobbles”, so I decided to name the treats after her.