Cleanliness Does Matter!

Time and time again, I hear folks worried about their pet’s loose stools, stomach upset, not wanting to eat, etc. You think to yourself, “I haven’t switched my pet’s food” and from the best of your knowledge, you’re almost sure that your pet did not ingest any harmful substance. So what could be causing the digestive issues and his unwillingness to eat?

My question to you… “When was the last time you scrubbed out your dog’s feed and water bowl?” All too often I see bowls that are caked with weeks of wet food particles, ants crawling all over trying to get what is left behind and mold buildup in the water bowls and buckets. WAKE UP PET PARENTS! This is BACTERIA BUILDUP. Rancid, old food and unwashed dishware is NOT safe. So many folks have the mindset “It’s a dog, so what?” When you go to replenish that bowl, ask yourself, “Would I eat or drink out of this?”

Dogs, cats, birds, all pets and animals have bacteria in their own saliva. This bacterium builds up on the bowl which helps in the hosting of bacteria that can cause many health issues – not only to our pets, but also to small children and adults. The problem gets compounded if we have multiple pets who share the same unwashed, dirty bowl.

As pet owners, we are very conscious of what we feed our pets. We study ingredients, read reviews and take advice from our veterinarians. Behind the scenes, pet food and treat companies need to be regulated and follow food safety rules. We work hard to prevent bacterial issues in the foods we create by keeping our ingredients stored properly and our work surfaces and cooking tools sanitized.

Our pets are our family and insuring clean food bowls is really quite simple. I know I wouldn’t eat out of the same plate or drink water from a glass that hadn’t been washed and neither should your pet. Include pet bowls as a part of your daily dishwashing routine. When hand washing, using a mild dish detergent like Dawn is perfect and always be sure to rinse thoroughly. A simpler more hygienic approach, add pet bowls to the dishwasher cycle. Be sure to buy bowls that are dishwasher safe so that they don’t break down with time. I prefer stainless steel, glass or stoneware.

A few extra minutes of pet care can save you thousands in veterinary bills and keep your pet happy and healthy.