We start the New Year hoping to get back to healthier eating and regular exercise.
Resolutions would work best if we had a partner to work with, someone to help us reach our goal.

Have you ever thought that your best partner would be your loyal furry friend? Think about it. When you hit that slump just after Halloween, your dog does too. Days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping and your normal routine with your pup is not the same. We all experience the rush of holiday season, end of the year reports, family visits and very irregular eating. Not only are you overindulging, but so is your dog. I know at my home, when family visits the dog always gets nibbles of table scraps secretly from grandma. Cousin Janice brings doggie treats that my dogs are not use to eating. The dogs feeding schedule is way off because of shopping, visitors for dinner and extra evenings out. The usual playtime and walk time for our dogs is definitely not happening. Our bodies feel the irregularity in exercise routine and so does your fur baby.

Change in exercise and feeding habits can really disturb a dog’s natural balance. They gain some weight, their bowels become very irregular and they become either overanxious or sluggish due to lack of normal exercise. So resolve this year to include your pet in your New Year’s Resolution of healthier eating, regular trips to the vet, and having more exercise, play and cuddle time. Believe me; your loyal companion will love you all the more for it!!